The Four Fables [Single Edit]

by The Broadcast Obscura

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The Broadcast Obscura are:
Peter Stice: Vocals and Keyboards
Collin Turmoil: Vocals, Additional Instruments and Guitars
Cameron Mudd: Guitars
James "Vic" Hines: Bass
Colin Evans: Drums


"Run for your life!"
My true love screamed
She covered her body and I took to the street
For he had returned
Such cunning speed
Indeed, he'd found me

And he broke my bones in half
He covered my face with a burlap sack
And tied my remains to the wooden rack
Down by the cornfield

And I starved through the spring and the summer rain
Just to freeze to death when the winter came
And in the arms of the evergreens
I planned my revenge

"Will you come back?"
I called to her
Smouldering fear of a young love spurned
With the whippoorwill's call as my witness
I will wait here

The old man's rifle barrel glowed
He'd mistaken me for a frightened doe
The buckshot spray felt cruel and cold
As frozen diamonds

And he cried as I lay with my head in his hands
As I looked in his eyes I forgave that man
And as my vision blurred
I let out my final breath

My God, you're ravishing tonight
And do you believe in ghosts,
To be out wandering alone?
I would love it if you'd take my hand and dance with me

Don't you run
Expect me at your doorstep when the town bell tolls one
Don't you run


released October 30, 2016
Performed by The Broadcast Obscura
Lyrics and music © Collin Turmoil
Produced by Dave Chamberlin and The Broadcast Obscura at The Couch Studios
Mastered by Vinnie Saletto at Noisemaker Studios
Feat. violins by Kayla Connick and Peter Stice
Feat. backing vocals by Whitney Dominguez



all rights reserved


The Broadcast Obscura St. Louis, Missouri

Deathrock // Punk
Horror // Macabre
Join us // Hear us
Love us // Fear us

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